Adulthood Goal #1:

If you haven’t already guessed, this blog is still in its beginning stages. This means that I have no idea where it’s going to go-there’s basically no plan here, which, you’ll soon figure out, is SO not my style. I like everything to be mapped out and planned. When I decided to start a blog, I started it mainly because I love to write, but also so that I could work on my spontaneous writing on a regular basis (I know, total paradox, but bear with me).

However, there’s something else I want to do with this blog: I want to have a weekly (hopefully?) post in which I describe one of my goals for adulthood. As you also may have deduced, the whole (terrifying, wonderful, etc) idea of adulthood is a HUGE aspect of this blog, too. Being able to sort-of have an “adulthood” checklist is right up my alley. So here we go.

The things I find will not always be serious stuff, and they won’t always be funny. Sometimes it will be items, sometimes something less tangible. The thing is, I’m not sure what’s out there yet. But that’s the beauty of the blog, isn’t it?

I found this awesome picture on my (new!) Tumblr. All photo cred goes to myend-ismybeginning, who posted it first.

So, Adulthood Goal #1: Home Library

If you’re anything like me, that scene in Beauty and the Beast when Beast gives Belle the huge-ass Library was LITERALLY the best gift you could imagine getting as a kid. Maybe this sounds corny, (okay, I KNOW it does,) but the idea of having a whole room dedicated to being an introvert sounds like a dream come true. Think of how awesome it would look. Go on, think about it. Floor to ceiling shelves. A nearby porch to read on. Comfy/cozy seating situated all around the room. Maybe a cat or two sprawled out on a fuzzy rug or couch somewhere. Or-if you want to get REALLY corny-you could even have a tea/coffee cart placed in the room to satisfy every literary thirst.

Plus, THINK OF ALL THE ROOM YOU ARE SAVING. Think of the ORGANIZATION. This is NEXT-LEVEL organization. You could alphabetize the books by title or author, or you could organize them by the color of their binding. You could LITERALLY make your own dewey decimal system and have the world’s most legit home library. And there’d be no more piles of books on your floor, on your dresser, in the walls, under your bed, on your bed, stacked to the ceiling, on the roof, etc. SWOON.

The only issue, I guess, would be that MY library would look NOTHING like the ornate, sophisticated one above. Honestly, my reading style varies so much that my shelves would not be filled with plain, monochromatic hard-covers, but with slightly-ripped, slightly-faded, definitely-wonderful paperbacks by authors like Meg Cabot (gotta love the Princess Diaries) and Jerry Spinelli. I mean, it’s okay to have what looks like a hodgepodge of books, from my old, pocket-sized, paperback copy of Cabot’s “The Boy Next Door” to Jane Austen’s “Emma”, right? Of course it is. It’s MY home library.

So would you guys ever make a home library? Do you already have one? What books would you put in it? Let me know down in the comments!



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