Adulthood Goal #2: Serial Killer Wall (except not really)

Hello, everyone! For this week’s adulthood goal, we’re gonna get a little dark-like, serial killer dark.

Okay, we won’t get THAT dark. But let’s be clear: I don’t in ANY WAY condone/admire anything a serial killer does. Seriously. They crazy. But there’s a certain stereotypical characteristic of serial killers (at least in the movies and on Law & Order) that have always caught my eye…


Adulthood Goal #2: Wall of Aspirations

In reality, the only thing MY adulthood goal has in common with a serial killer is the way it could look to an outsider. To clarify, my adulthood goal is to have a wall of my home dedicated primarily to pictures/documents/book excerpts/etc that make me happy or that encapsulate a goal, value, or person that I hold dear to my heart. The wall will not be covered with hastily-cut newspaper clippings detailing the gory murders of my victims. No, thanks.

Instead, my wall will be classy. *cue exaggerated groans from the invisible audience* Okay, guys, “classy” doesn’t always have to mean “hoity-toity”, or however you spell it. Even in my wildest dreams, my wall is simple. Actually, I had trouble finding examples of what my wall would look like on Pinterest and Tumblr, so how your wall looks seriously IS up to you. I am not a very vivacious person, so my wall, obviously, will reflect that. It will be decorated with nice picture frames of differing size, shape, and make. There’d be some pictures of my family and friends, but also pictures of Katharine Hepburn, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewart, and Emma Watson, some of my favorite actors. There’d be framed excerpts from books such as “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “The Princess Diaries”, and, of course, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, of one my favorite books.

Sometimes, a poster will make its way onto the wall, but only after a thorough screening process (I would love to have a big Alfred Hitchcock minimalist poster, like for Rear Window or something). Maybe a string of fairy lights will illuminate the wall at night. I’ll possibly install some shelves to carry some of my favorite books, plays, albums, movies, etc.  For example, I’d love a shelf that carries only the Harry Potter series (it’ll have to be a sturdy shelf!), and maybe a shelf that carries every Beatles album. Definitely a shelf that carries every Anne of Green Gables book. Oh, and every Jane Austen book! Guys, I’m bursting with ideas. Maybe I’ll even have some of my own personal accomplishments-short stories, articles, etc-framed on the wall.

I know that this whole wall idea sounds like the peak of ego. I swear to ya’ll, having a wall dedicated to ME is not the point-actually, that sounds like something out of a nightmare, NOT out of a dream. I mean, who wants to stare at their own face all the time? I know I don’t. I mean, I STILL don’t really understand snapchat for this reason (even though I have one and use it all the time, heehee).

No, I’m definitely the kind of person who is always on the hunt for a new challenge or goal to overcome or strive towards. I’m also a sucker for organization (planners and bullet journals are some of my favorite things), and the idea of one day being so organized that I can have an Idea Wall instead of an Idea Board is so awesome to me. It’s peak organizational goals. And for a nerd like me, organization is one of the keys to happiness. Basically, that’s what this wall would be: a way of reminding myself of all the things that make me happy, and of all the things that I could one day accomplish. Perhaps for some people, walking into a room and seeing a whole frickin’ wall covered with stuff sounds self-centered, pointless, wasteful, or even creepy. But for me, it’s definitely something I’d love to have.

What do you guys think about having a “wall” dedicated to your favorite things? What would you put on your wall? Does it sound like something a serial killer would have?? Let me know in the comments!


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