To My Lovely Invisible Readers

Hi everyone! I just want to write a short post today to update you all on what’s going on in my life *cue silence from the invisible audience* GREAT! Let’s do this.

So, as some of you may know, I started school again this week. To be honest, my classes this semester are ENTIRELY more overwhelming than last semester. I mean, in one of my classes, my professor literally said, “This isn’t a class, it’s a boot camp.” I mean, WHAT!? As she was listing off all the huge-ass writing assignments I’ll be tackling this semester, I realized how much of my time is going to be zapped by this class, not to mention the other four writing-intensive classes I’m taking. Needless to say, the past few days have not been great. They’re all a blur of panic-induced organization and rants to my friends about my problems. I’m probably not their favorite person right now.

BUT, as I keep on saying, life goes on, and so does, I realized, this blog. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to add to this blog as much as I’d like in the coming months. I’m a priority-driven person, so when I have to choose between school and recreation, school usually comes first. Unless I hate the class, then procrastination will undoubtedly ensue, which is never good.

However, I will try my very hardest to stick to my Adulthood Goals once a week. I genuinely love writing for this blog. It provides a bright spot in what could otherwise be a stressful and chaotic day. I love writing about my (many) complaints, my anxiety-ridden days, my missteps, and my musings about life. I appreciate everyone who gives this blog a glance, and everyone who likes and follows my posts and this blog. As all you fellow bloggers know, blogging is much more fun when people actually read your stuff. So, thank you to everyone who DID read my stuff, or who at least gave the first few sentences of a blog post a glance. It means a lot.

SO. I guess this life-blog-update thing is almost over. I’ll try to post at least three times a week, if I can. Keep an eye out for my Adulthood Goals and my Story-times. Oh! I almost forgot to ask. How would ya’ll feel about having me post some creative writing to this blog? Although I love blogging, I’m primarily into creative writing (AKA fiction writing, poetry, etc), and I would love for my stuff to get some serious reads and some serious feedback. I think it could be a great way for my stuff to get out there (wherever “there” is) and it’s an easy way for me to add to the blog. If I’m ever between blog posts and strapped for time, maybe you’ll see a poem or short story or something!

OKAY, NOW I’M DONE. Thanks for reading, my lovely invisible audience, and I’ll talk to you soon. Enjoy a sleepy puppy picture. You’ve earned it.




2 thoughts on “To My Lovely Invisible Readers

  1. The puppies put me to sleep.
    Well, I’m a new a invisible reader, looking forward to read whatever you throw.
    I liked a couple of previous posts (at a glance), so reading more should be fun.
    Poems? Ha! Come on, do it. Make me envious, I can’t even rhyme. But I have a great story about a “friend” who think he is a poet, I swear, he even asked me for help designing the cover of his book.
    He rhymes day with day, and bad with bad. Great poet.
    Anyway, hope school doesn’t drain your will to live.


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